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Introduction to Social Media in Sports

Sports and Sports businesses are transformed by social media and mobile technologies.
For athletes, clubs, events etc. some of the biggest opportunities to access current and potential customers lie away from itself but it´s through digital and social mediat hat also offer greater reach and direct engagement for all.
By engaging fans via social media, it can open new communication channels with their audience that can be measured and valued as a new commercial opportunity with sponsors. Businesses that get involved through sponsorships and social media promotions, meanwhile, benefit from increased brand affinitiy and loyalty.

Yet athletes, clubs and sport businessesare only beginning to appreciate the potential this offers.

Alejandro Agag, chief executive of Formula E Holdings, says: “Through social media, fans are having a real impact on the result of a race. It’s no longer 100pc about the skill of the driver and performance of the car. It’s also about fans’ input.”
The challenge for businesses is to find ways of measuring the value social media offers, beyond simple page views and unique user data. “Increasingly we are building social media benefits into sponsorship contracts but it’s a mistake to measure it in a narrow vertical, saying that you have spent so much on Twitter and asking what you’re getting back for that,” says Mr Lichtenhein.

Social Media

Social Media is the future to push your business (club, athlete, tournament etc.) to a new level.

We will help you to create a social media concept.

Optimize Your Social Media


Together with you we will finalize a complete concept strategyfor your Social Media performance.

Every concept will be unique and custom-tailored.

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