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Introduction to PR & Media in Sports

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by incredible amounts of sports coverage, yet weoften fixateon countless negative stories about collegiate and professional athletes, teams, clubs and leagues. Fan obsession with damaging topics versus positive headlines is troubling.

The way publicists communicate with sports editors and reporters has changed along with the rest of the media world. What people on the outside of the industrymay not know, however, are that the details that were carried out with physical and cerebral strenght years ago are today, combined with professionals´ organizational and technical abilities.
There is an underlying skill that is essential in all walks of life but is often taken for granted, the ability to communicate. In the sports industry there is a constant exchange of information, from teams, athletes, clubs and leagues to the media, from brands to their consumers, from scouts to their bosses, from agents to their clients…The stream never ends…

Public Relations

Public relations is a marketing vehicle that is underutilized in highlighting cheerful reports about the millions of lives sports and athletes impact daily.

We are happy to create the perfect media strategy together with you.

PR & Media

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