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At the high level of sport all events have to be reviewed in order to fullfil all rules and guidelines by the organisation. As a delegate all those parts are in one package for the organisation.

Introduction to Events

Entertaining people during their time off from work has always been a primary role of both participants and spectator sport. Today´s sport i soften organized, mechanized, marketed and administered as a business. Commecial interests influence virually every decision in sports. Events are rated by television audience share, tickets sales, web site hits, concession sales, sponsor revenues and media coverage. Wins and losses are important because they influence all of these standards of measurement.

As sport is growing more int a business, the corporate model is entering into the organization of every sport entity and governing body.
Sport can be seen on a day to day basis and plays an important role in strengthening the social relations of people. The role that sport has been playing in the last decades has directly and indirectly been a catalyst in the incrase of numbers of sports practitioners worldwide.

Sport Events

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